The Streak – a fish story


Sports history includes several streaks that are regularly discussed to the point where they have become common knowledge. And most of these records are so incomprehensible in nature, that many view them as…

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Honeymoon in Colorado

So next June through July I will be in Avon, CO for mine and my Fiancé’s Honeymoon. We, among other things, want to fish the Eagle river. I also saw on maps the lakes on Mt. Evans that I thought would be so amazing to fish. I started fly fishing this Fall all because of this trip. I know there are…
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If I may…

I am not a man of great words. My vocabulary is not as vast as most here on this forum, but it’s not the words as much as it is the respect and admiration that I have for a fellow member.
To most of the members here, this man needs no introduction. But to the new comers, I suggest you get to know…
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Heavyweight Fly Rods: 12+

For those who haven’t seen it, I am looking for a 14wt redington predator (in the classifieds), but my thread seem to have sparked a bit of interest, and I though we could have some good discussion regarding these behemoth fly rods.

As far as I go, this rod will not be used, at least not often,…

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Piscifun braided backing quality?

Hello, I’ve been away for some time, got some problems, also launched my website at and now I’m continuing making preparations for my next year’s SWFF trip.

Things have changed, no more Bahamas and bonefishing. Will go to a SW location with bigger and meaner fish, aka GTs and…

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