White Bass – Any Fans?

Utah Lake is a smaller, freshwater cousin to the Great Salt Lake in the southern portion of the Valley. Large in surface acreage, but very shallow for the most part and often turbid from winds and waves kicking up the muddy bottom.

Utah Lake is also stuffed with White Bass and they are not far…

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Frozen prokote

I was given a couple of syringes of prokote tread wrap epoxy. He said they they have been in his garage all winter. It s been a wicked cold winter. Are the tubes any good? Worth the risk? Anyone use epoxy that’s been frozen
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Sage Circa 7 foot 9 inch 4 weight

I have a new Factory made*Sage Circa 7 foot 9 inch 4 weight with warranty. Rod comes with a factory tube and sock. *This rod is amazing rod design. Great medium/slow action design without the weight of a bamboo rod or the bulk of a fiberglass fly rod..*Super light weight at only*2 1/8 ounce *with a…
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Saturday Redfish

Image: http://www.theflyfishingforum.com/forums/members/karstopo-albums-2-25-redfish-picture8037-20170225-164022.jpg

Got out for just a bit. Shrimp fly got it done in a few reds. Lost one good speckled trout. Beautiful day

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