Gaelic Supreme hook ?

I’m in the learning curve here, been studying and picking out spey patterns, mostly basic at this point. I find Partridge of Redditch Bartleet Supreme is/was a preferred hook. These are no longer made when Mustad took over I guess and now replaced with M2. I have found a couple local shops offer…
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Hit the Road, Jack

Celebrating a year of retirement from law enforcement. My last year working I dreamed of traveling around the US, tossing a few flies, and enjoying the next chapter of life with my wife. I was fortunate to catch a few fish, meet amazing and generous fly folks, and put a long career in the rear view…
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Need location help

Looks like I may be driving with my son from North Alabama to the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island, Washington mid Summer. For two new to fly fishing for trout. What 2 places would you suggest to fish that can be waded and with good access points. States that would be along two of the possible…
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Native Trout to the US

Living in California, I assumed that most states had ‘native’ trout, i.e, fish that originated from a particular watershed before man came along, without having being introduced by stocks.

In California, we have several ‘native’ species:

Coastal rainbow trout
Eagle Lake rainbow trout…

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