Galvan, Nautilus or something else????

Just picked up a 9wt Helios 2 Tip Flex for a steal and a half. It fit exactly into my budget for a new rod. Now I need to pair it with a reel.

So far I’m leaning towards the Galvan T8 (with free $100 line) (or do I need the T10????) or a Nautilus X. I’ll be using it for pike fishing, as well as trying my first hand at some salt occasionally. The Galvan does not have a sealed drag, but does one really need a sealed drag for salt? The Nautilus does have sealed drag, but its an extra $100 for a line. I’ve also considered just pairing it with an Orvis Hydros which would save money.

I’ve read nothing but good things about both reels. Which makes this tough. $400 is probably the max Im looking to spend. Does anyone have any experience with either that they care to offer or any other solid reels withing my price rage that I should heavily consider?

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