Here in Sweden we usually fish pikes with tube flies and a hook rig, sometimes with hookflies as well, but tubes are more modern to us. How do you fish in the US and Canada? 🙂

(To me Pike is a coldwater specie)

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Speculation from Telluride…

Image: http://www.theflyfishingforum.com/photos/data/500/medium/Telluride.jpg

In Tucson in February there is an unique tradition where schools are closed on a Thursday and Friday to celebrate “La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros” also known as the Tucson Rodeo Week.

With the long school break we…

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You’ve got 2 options…

A world-class Bonefish flat. Any given day fish are tailing all around you.


A prime mountain Trout stream that brings a great deal of solitude. excellent quantities of fish ranging from small to large. Dry fly fishing is at it’s peak.

which AND why?

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Sage x 9′ 5 wt & click reel

Looking to sell my SAGE X 9ft 5WT fly Rod and SAGE CLICK REEL 4/5/6. Will include the RIO line that’s already on the reel.

I’m asking $850.00 for the rod and reel.

I need to put money down on a new drift boat so I must sell this combo.

Rod retails 895.00
Click reel 279.00
RIO LINE 75.00

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Size of the drag disc?

I suppose bigger is better when it comes to drag discs, but how is the correlation between size and amount/stacked? Can you “replace” big discs with several smaller discs? And it should be the best with big AND stacked?
At least withing reasonability when thinking about weight and size of the reel.
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multipurpose leaders

I was looking for something on the Rio website earlier today, and found this blog entry by George Daniel who is something of an authority on nymphing (and other aspects of flyfishing). The entry is about use of a leader system adaptable on-stream to dry/dropper, indicator nymphing and contact…
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