Tis the Season …

To be jolly – yeah, but also to build rods! I am doing a little repair work for a guy and it got the juices flowing.

Last summer I bought a reel and it essentially came with a rod. It was a beat to **** Sage RPL 905, an old guide’s client rod with crackled epoxy and a blown out guide. I…

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Favorite pic this year

I was researching an old topic and came across a post by sweetandsalt (http://www.theflyfishingforum.com/forums/general-discussion/368419-fly-fishing-elitist-activity-10.html#post816026) back in March that I had since forgotten about, but at the time the post and photo of grilling a big ol’ slab of…
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Sage x 486

Hi All,

Looking to upgrade my SAGE Pulse with the 486 X. Looking for any feedback from those who have cast or fished this rod. For the record, I really like the Pulse but an opportunity to get the X at a good price is becoming hard to ignore.


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Fly assortment

I’ve been tying way too much and I need to thin the heard to make room for more tying this winter.
I’m by no means a pro-tier, and I’m only trying to cover a little bit of the cost I have into these. That’s why I’m letting them go cheap. These are all tied on quality hooks, diiachi, partridge,…
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Winter Solstice Greetings – 2016

We have arrived at the day with the shortest duration of sunlight of the year. As of now, each daylight period grows longer, eventually warming the air and water rejuvenating all*​life from​ tiny aquatic insects to us to reengage in the age old pursuit of fish​ing​. The only really new thing in…
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Cosmopolitan vacation with fishing

My wife and I usually take about one big vacation per year. We seem to alternate between “culture” type vacations (cities, museums, architecture) and “nature” type vacations (houseboating, camping or resort).
2018 may be a “culture” vacation, but I’ve still got the fishing itch, especially…
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