Tom Morgan Rodsmiths Sold

According to thier website, Tom and Gerri have sold the firm to Joel Doub & Matt Barber. Details below.

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths – Fine Rods and Reels (

I wish them well and hope they can continue the fine tradition of making wonderful rods. My 8 1/2 foot 5 weight…

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Impressions on mid-priced 6 weights?

Just wondering if people have any particular thoughts or impressions on the mid-priced 6 weights that are currently out there. I am looking at an “all-around” 6 weight. It will probably mostly be used for streamer fishing (lighter streamers most of the time) with the occasional sink tips, split…
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Any idea of value

I found a Scott heliply fly fishing rod. It is 6 ft 6 in and weighs 2.8 oz. It is in a case with the cloth cover and the rod looks like it’s in perfect condition. I can’t find and value of the rod although I feel like it’s above $200 as I haven’t seen any Scott rods for less. If you need a pic just…
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Sage Warranty Experience

My One snapped in half fighting a fish a couple weeks ago. I bought it used, but luckily the previous owner hadn’t registered it apparently.

Sent it in to Sage with $60 for a repair and had it back in my hands right at two weeks later.

I’ve heard mixed things about warranty work with Sage…

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St Croix rod choice?

I’ve got a problem that’s nice to have – won 40% off any St Croix rod. I’m in the market for an 8 weight for my wife that she’ll use freshwater, probably on trip(s) to AK and Canada.

I am totally unfamiliar with St Croix…so.

What would you recommend for an intermediate caster? There’s a…

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Hey all, I’m just checking in! I have a new job driving a tractor trailer for a company that does dance competitions and am currently in San Mateo, CA.
I left Myrtle Beach, SC on the 17th and arrived here yesterday. Beautiful drive!

The scenery was wondrous! 🙂

The best part has been seeing…

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