got the probe and tried it today. The new probe was reading off by 100 degrees compared to my thermopop. I switched back to the original probe and am getting the same behavior. Additionally, I'm getting intermittent failures to connect to both the GMG and wifi networks. When the wifi drops, my phone can't find a GMG network even standing next to the grill. Clearly the control board is faulty (as I suspected, vs. the probe) . VERY DISAPPOINTED. This grill has been nothing but problematic. I paid close to $1k with the cover, insulator, etc. 

The OXO Chef’s Precision Thermocouple Thermometer is a folding pocket thermometer with excellent accuracy, fast response, clean design and ambidextrous features that should make it popular with both professionals and serious home cooks. It features an easy-to-read, invertible, backlit display that makes it a pleasure to use, even in awkward positions. The probe itself can be opened without touching it, somewhat like a switchblade, reducing the chance of food contamination. It also folds 45º past straight out for left-handed users. This thermometer operates on readily-available AAA batteries that are housed in a waterproof compartment, allowing easy cleaning under running water.

The big structure makes it great for searing large amounts of meat at the same time. When it comes to high temperatures, you need to know that it only reaches 450~ degrees F. It’s not a lot, but you have to know that the main characteristic of this grill is maintaining low temperatures for a long time which allows for reliable, easy and slow meat searing.
Camp Chef's Woodwind Pellet Smoker is a quality smoker and super searing grill wrapped up in one. As I mentioned above, though pellet smokers are often referred to as pellet grills, most have a limited grilling capability at best. To fill this gap, in 2017, Camp Chef introduced its optional LP gas Sear Box, which can be added to any of its current SmokePro pellet smokers. Woodwind is a package deal that comes standard with the Sear Box and sells for about $50 less than a SmokePro with the optional Sear Box. As a bonus, Camp Chef is one of the few brands on the market with an ash-removal system that deposits ash in a cup under the smoke box for easy disposal.
Be that as it may, if your concern mainly lies on something that can be carried on a truck to an open-air grilling party or to a friend’s place, it’s positively a decent proposal. Aside from portability, it also gives you a cooking adaptability as you can grill, prepare, smoke, grill and braises with no bothers. The grill highlights full-size functionalities in a convenient bundle, henceforth a decent decision for anybody searching for versatile decision.
Social Media And Sharing:As with most WiFi Thermometers these days, you can easily record and track your smoking sessions on a graph and log, exporting them to email or sharing them on social media. In fact, that’s one of the main selling points of the CyberQ Cloud; other thermometers can do most of the same functions, but not all of them can upload and share on social media. allows you to monitor and record your sessions cooks from your computer or tablet. You can also join the BBQ Guru community, where you can create and share recipes, upload pictures, and comment and rate other cooks.
Three stage controller – there are three options to choose from, smoke ( or low), medium and high. It’s an old and very poor controller. It only has three options to choose from, it’s very poor at maintaining temperature. It doesn’t take weather and other factors into account. The result is that the temperature inside the grill can significantly rise or drop without you knowing. Such solution makes it impossible to set a precise temperature and limits the cooking options.
Editor's Note: If you're looking to upgrade your backyard cooking setup this summer, you're probably in need of a little advice. We're longtime admirers of the folks behind, the site dedicated to unraveling the science of barbecue and grilling. Please welcome back Max Good, the only person in the world whose full-time job is testing, rating, and reviewing grills and smokers. The database he maintains includes over 500 grills and smokers, ranging in price from $30 to $50,000. When it comes to barbecue equipment, nobody knows it better.
BonJour’s Chef’s Laser Probe Combo combines infrared technology BonJour’s Chef’s Laser Probe Combo combines infrared technology to quickly measure both surface temperatures and the internal temperature of meats with its easy to use swivel probe. Chef’s Laser Probe Combo includes the same features as the Chef’s Laser Thermometer including: laser target aim instant temperature readout ergonomic one-handed operation ...  More + Product Details Close
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Speed. We measure how long it takes the thermometer to go from 32°F to 211°F and from 212°F to 33°F. But you have to be careful about the time manufacturers quote. Often they use an industry standard called "time constant." That is the time it takes to get to 63% of a full reading, and a full reading takes five times that. So if they say the time constant is 0.6 seconds, as does the manufacturer of the Thermapen, the unit will be precise with a full reading in about 3 seconds. Another factor to consider is how fast the display refreshes itself. The Thermapen refreshes every 0.5 seconds. This means you can slowly insert it and remove it and it will give you a new reading every 0.5 seconds. The Thermoworks K-type Fast Response Meat Probe #113-151, which can be plugged into different meters, is slightly faster with a time constant of 0.5 seconds and precise read in 2.5 seconds. But if you plug it into the MTC meter, which refreshes every 1 second, the probe is actually faster than the meter, and combined they are slower than the Thermapen. Another factor is the conductivity of the medium you are measuring. Food, which consists mostly of water, reads faster than bread, which consists mostly of air. That is because water is a better conductor than air.
The ThermoWorks Smoke is a two-channel, wireless remote thermometer system designed for the serious cook. The thermometer probes plug into a base unit that displays both temperatures (for example, the food temp and cooker temp) simultaneously as well as the upper and lower alarm temps and the min/max temps since turn-on for each channel. For stability and easy of use, the base unit includes a folding stand and a magnet. The unit’s audible alarm has a volume control, its display is backlit, and it communicates with its remote using RF (radio frequency), which gives it a longer range than Bluetooth units. The remote display is also backlit and simultaneously displays both channel’s temps and their associated upper and lower alarm limits. Construction is rock-solid. An accessory receiver, called the Gateway, allows communication with a cloud server, enabling you to monitor your temperatures from anywhere you have an internet connection.
This presumably has the most exact temperature perusing of any grill right now available. Accompanying a cookbook, a simple get together, and a decent outline, the PG24 is definitely justified even despite the cash. I enjoyed the decision of a wood screw framework rather than a suction framework, since it spares cash on pellets, and manages temperature better. For those needing to get into pellet grilling, this would be an astounding decision.
Travelers – Of course there’s a perfect pellet smoker for you too. It differs from a basic pellet grill in that it’s smaller and much lighter. It has foldable legs, which allows you to easily take it to the car with you. Everyone’s been on a camping or a field trip at some point. In moments like those, grilled food is something delicious and wholesome. I found the right portable pellet grill for you, which thanks to its size and weight is portable.
There’s little dispute: the Daniel Boone WiFi offers a lot at a competitive price. Green Mountain is one of the few brands with a WiFi option, and the ability to control your cook remotely is its biggest selling point. Green Mountain also includes several accessories with the Daniel Boone, offering a little more bang for your buck. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

Here are a few resources to help you on your way to becoming an expert GMG Grill Master! If you haven't used a pellet grill before, please read the User Manual and App Guide before going any further.  Little things such as updating the WiFi Firmware and ensuring correct airflow make such a difference. Once your GMG's set up right, you'll be good to go!