The Oath of Content

I recently quit reading reviews and went and cast many fly Rods. Long story short, I ended up with a 8 1/2 foot 4 Weight Scott Radian, a 9′ 6 weight Scott Flex and already had a 9′ 8 weight Scott Meridian. I literally cast the Rods blindly. He just handed them to me one by one. For the first time ever, I had discovered 2 Rods that were an “extension of my arm” as I’ve heard some put it over the years. I do find it ironic that they we all Scott Rods, so I guess there is something to the thought of being a “Scott”, “Sage” etc. kind of guy. Through all of this, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be content. So often, we follow our head instead of our hearts (all sappiness aside.) I’ve found complete happiness in my new arsenal of Rods. It’s as if they were meant for me. I’ve bought many over the years based on reviews and reccomendations and always ended up feeling like there are better Rods for me somewhere out there, but this time I got it right. So therefore, I am taking an “Oath” of “contentness” to be happy with what I have and quit trying the “latest and greatest”. Some may disagree, but in reality it’s all I’ll ever need. I wonder if anyone else has already pledged to be happy with what they have and no longer have a desire to play with new Rods?

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