Very short first outing with my new Sage 486 X.

A couple of months ago I took in some seldom used gear into my nearest fly shop to sell for store credit. My purpose was to get enough funds for the new Sage 486 X rod. Well last week I picked the X up.

It’s kind of like the story about the 3 bears. I also have a Sage 486 One and a Sage 489 Circa. In casting the One has always felt like a little too much and the Circa not quite enough. My hopes and expectations for the X have proven to be just right.

Most of the water in Northern Arizona is still iced so today I gathered the 486 X and went out to a local spring creek. I didn’t have the opportunity to push the rod as casts were only in the 20 to 35 foot range. But I can say I think I’m really going to love this rod. I had to cut the outing short but I hope to get back out tomorrow. The reel was a Sage 4230 loaded with Rio Gold line, but I may also try a vintage Orvis CFO IV. By the way, the 4230 reel balanced very nice on the rod.


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